Mallorca’s motorcycle diaries

Mallorca’s motorcycle diaries.

As a biker myself I’m always in for a joyride. I took my motorcycle to Mallorca to explore this beautiful island.
It all started in the Netherlands, being part of a group bikers in the great city of Rotterdam the #rotterdamserollout, we where like a brotherhood that would organize ride outs twice a month. The Netherlands being very small had its advantage, you could go to different places every time, sounds amazingly fun. but I had to say goodbye when following my personal dreams and life goals.

Like a lonely wolf I move to Spain, the island of Mallorca, the biggest of the Baleares, where riding had never became so fun, blasting in nice weather and sunny afternoons, throughout nature and beautiful roads is a hole different experience.
After a little while and like a biker magnet or thanks to the social media algorithms I found a very similar organization of local bikers, so I had to check it out.

Caferacermallorca is the name, I contacted them and was immediately invited to be part of their group, it felt like home.

As a non profit association they organize ride outs every Saturday and Sunday with all members that want to take part of it, it’s a mix of people from all ages and all kind of different backgrounds with one passion in common; motorcycles.

Discovering new places on a nostalgic vintage motorcycle with a group of friends makes you feel like there is nothing else that matters at that moment. Riding on the majestic Serra Tramuntana declared world Heritage site by the unesco, or throughout little villages of the east coast wine land, visiting Sant Salvador you will never be tired of it.

Mallorca has a lot to offer in cultural, gastronomic and historical ways, but it has also fun activities for every type of person, for those looking for adventure I would say get your motorcycle or rent one and go around the island you won’t regret it.

Berend Zitman Manager Restaurant Soy Mallorca