Tight Line Mallorca, Downhill skateboarding

Downhill skateboarding, extremely special experience.

Have you ever heard of the words Downhill and Skateboarding go together? If you’re like the majority of people in the world then you might’ve not.

Downhill skateboarding is a synonym for speeding down mountain roads with a skateboard under your feet using only gravity to propel you and your own bodily aerodynamics and drifting skills to adjust your speed.

If you’ve read this far then you might be interested in what we do.

The downhill skateboarding community in Mallorca is pretty small, it mostly consists of little groups of friends that get together to skate and have fun…but in fast mountain roads. My name is Pedro Oliver and through my experience downhill skateboarding has changed and redefined my life and the way I view nature. Going traveling and skating with my little group of homies (Diego, Jan, Carlos, Laura) is possibly my favourite thing to do.

Having to be focused on all of your senses constantly to keep yourself safe speeding down a mountain pass is my best way of practicing mindfulness, it is a meditational experience which separates me from the everyday struggles in life and brings me back to reality.

Downhill skateboarding in Mallorca has its own magic different from other places. The aggressive beauty of nature in the island is like none other anywhere else. Experiencing perfectly built mountain roads on sunny days is an extremely special experience.

A regular day of skating for us could begin by skating the beautiful curves of Sa Calobra, then heading to Lluc to skate one of the most perfect roads in the world – Sa bataia, and topping the day off with a peaceful run down the roads of Cap de Formentor and watching the sunset from the lighthouse…while drinking beer and laughing with your best friends.

This sport has a very important place in my heart, and I thought that it was worthy of sharing just a little bit of how special it is.

If anyone is interested in knowing more about this sport, I encourage you to check out our new documentary ´Tight Line` 🙂

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