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Just around the corner….

Every year we renew our winemenus at our different concepts. One of our wine bodega’s is just 4 kilometres from Cala Dor a village called Calonge. Miquel the owner was there as our special host.

First he told us to follow him to show his winefields. What an amazing place, the pictures of the place will tell there story. It looks like a painting. He showed us everything and one of the most important things about this wine yard is that everything is ecological and this what you see.

There vision is to think highly of nature because when we respect the environment and act in a responsible way, nature will help us make a better wine.
The more they honour the holisitic interaction of there vines with the native flora, often mistakenly called weeds, and the influence of native insects, bugs and other tiny creatures, the more thriving and healthy the grapes are.
Once the vines are planted, they do not plough their fields. To leave the soil unploughed they need to irrigate their vines whenever necessary. Water is brought up from a historic source on their land by using solar panels, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

So after these lessons we are ready to taste this holy water. First Miquel the owner of son alegre showed us the process of creating and proccesing the wine. Wine making is also a labotarial process to get the taste how you want it. This all is very intresting and if you like you can always visiting them to get a tour or tasting. On the website you can find more information about it.
So now we gonna taste the wine with the owner and there sommelier. White, rose and their reds with some nice cheese and typical Mallorquin snacks. I do not remember how this ended but we have at La Bodega Mallorca two of their wines on our new menu now.

Great experience and thank you Son Alegre Vinya for a wonderfull day. Do not hesistate to go and after come to La Bodega in the center of Cala Dor to enjoy our tapas and local wines ofcorse.


Nick Nannings: Co owner the Moodprojects
Picture credit: Swen de Kam

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