So how does it come that we as a group of restaurants decided to start this project?


The reason we came on the island 20 years ago was because we were drawn by the beauty of her. We decided to start a restaurant as an excuse to stay on the island and enrich Mallorca with the food that we love. Because what is better than after a long day of exploring the island is a good plate of home made food.

Ever since we opened 6 restaurants all with their own theme and structure. Besides we don’t serve the same dishes there is a lot in common and that is the love for the island and the fresh product it produces and that we all use in our kitchens.

From the local wine of Binissalem the salt of Es trenc and the gin from the local distiller. That is the reason you can taste the love for the island back in all of our drinks and food.

Although in the past years we saw the island getting more and more polluted with trash all over it. We know that we as restaurants have our part in this and that is why we started to collaborate with a local beach clean organisation that also helped us to reduce our plastic waste. We try to do our best to be as green as possible.

Also we started to collaborate with local artists like photographers, dj’s, painters and even tattoo artists. This is the platform where it all comes together as a collective with creative young and open minded people.