Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Liza van Rijn, 28 from the Netherlands or Holland it’s up to you. I grew up on a farm, but then without being a farmer. My parents and 2 older siblings still live in the Netherlands. We have traveled a lot when I was younger, from America to Bali but also a lot in Europe. Since I was young I had a connection with America, so after high school in the Netherlands I went to America to do it all over again. I became an exchange student, went to high school, did prom and graduating and all the other American dream stuff. I am super grateful that I’ve experienced this year, I learned a lot and made me look at the world in a complete new way.

After all this, I went to a hospitality school in Breda. We learned to cook and everything you have to know about hospitality. I did a lot of internships, my favorite one was in Curacao. I think my desire to live and work in a holiday setting started here. I tried university, but already after 8 weeks I knew, I’m not made for studying, I just want to work and make people happy. I worked in a big Hotel chain for 2 years, but after a while it wasn’t a challenge for me anymore. So I began looking for another new excited one, so I ended up in Mallorca.

I have been working in La bodega since 2015, you may know me as the blond Dutch girl. I fell in love with the island right away. Especially Cala D’or, this place has it all, beautiful bays, a marina, shopping and most important a lot of restaurants and bars. I love that I can combine my normal life, holiday, work all in one. Of course it is hard work during the season and it doesn’t feel like holiday then, but the happy customers make it all worth it.

La Bodega is part of a group of entrepreneurs, most of them are also Dutch. So after all these years we became sort of a family. At the end of season 2019, they asked me to join them for a new project. And let me tell you, this has been a dream of me since I don’t know when. Yes of course I said right away. In the beginning it was a little scary, suddenly I became part of ‘’’the group’’. But after a while it was ok, and now it’s almost normal ha ha.

This new project is called Noir, food, bar and coffee. It is just around the corner of la bodega so I wont get home sick… We serve all day breakfast, lunch dishes like salad bowls, croques and shared dining. Or you can just come and have a good bottle of wine.

We wanted to open in 2020, but I don’t have to tell you what happened… Now we are more than ready to open. I can’t tell you how much I missed people and making people happy. Especially in a holiday resort like Cala d’or, people work all year to enjoy it here. This gives me an extra boost to do my work as good as possible.

This is my life till now in a blink of an eye.

Fingers crossed for 2021, we stay positive!

Liza van Rijn Co Owner Noir Mallorca

Noir Mallorca

MON-SUN 09:00 – 23:00

Carrer de Santanyi n9
07660 Cala D’or
Illes Balears, Spain
Tel: 0034-602585441