A little road trip to Sa Colabra..

A little road trip to Sa Colabra..

One of the first days when the lock down in Mallorca was over we went for a little road trip with a couple of friends through the island. We went from Cala D’or to the North of Mallorca. We drove to Sa Colabra. It’s a 12 km’s long ride into the mountains. Sa Colabra is a small village on the northwest coast of the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca. The village is a very popular destination for road cyclists.

It was Spring, 22th of May. It felt like a warm summer day.

We drove for around 2 hours with little stops in between. At our first stop we took some pictures from the mountains. This view was absolutely amazing, a real dream. The boys took their skate board with them and were touring around on their board. In the meantime the girls were having beer.

After a little while we stopped at the most prettiest place. We decided to watch the sunset and have a pick-nick in the mountains. It was the best pick-nick that I ever had. We had sandwiches, fruit, olives, cheese, beers and the rose wine. We took our music box and we played all night long our favourite music and sang along.

When I think back of this day it really gives me butterflies in my stomach. We had so much fun and I felt freedom. It was the best feeling ever.


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