Local Gin Delights at Restaurant Diferent, Cala d’Or

Discover the essence of summer under the Majorcan sun with a trip to Cala d’Or, Spain! Visit and explore Mallorca’s hidden treasure: the Eva Gin distillery, situated in the beautiful countryside of Cala d’Or.

Meet Stefan Winterling, Eva Gin’s mastermind, as he crafts his exquisite spirits with love and expertise Stefan’s adventure began as a love story, blending German expertise with Catalan passion to create the perfect spirit.

Explore his distillery in Llucmajor, where traditional copper stills and herbs converge to create the perfect gin. Experience the artistry of Gin Eva through attractive tastings of Stefan’s innovative creations. From the award-winning Gin Eva to the smoky depths of Gin Eva Old Tom Back, each sip reveals Mallorca’s rich terroir and Stefan’s boundless creativity.

Discover the Mediterranean spirit in every drop of Gin Eva Fresh Olive, a testament to Mallorca’s botanical abundance. Stefan’s mixology skills shine as he crafts custom cocktails to delight the palate and awaken the senses.

Say goodbye to Stefan and Restaurant Diferent with inspiration and a new appreciation for Mallorca’s culinary wonders. Take Eva Gin on your adventures and toast to the magic of local gin and the spirit of discovery in Cala d’Or.

Join us on a culinary journey through Mallorca at the Diferent restaurant, where Stefan’s creations shine. Raise a glass of Eva Gin to celebrate the sunny landscapes and vibrant flavors of Mallorca. Cheers to the spirit of adventure and the joy of travel! ????✨

Björn van der Toorn Manager Restaurant Diferent

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