Let’s visit an old friend.

Let’s visit an old friend.

Years ago we did make a great video on the beach of Cala d’Or, in collaboration with Restaurant Diferent to promote one of Mallorca’s first Gins. Called: Gin Eva. Made by our friend Stefan Winterling and his wife, yes: here name is Eva. Doesn’t this sound romantic? A German winemaker who felt in love with a Catalan women and he makes her a gin and named his gin to his wife. This guy is a hero.

Today we went back to try all of his gins and to see where the magic happens. Call it art.

Stefan invited us in his distillery in Llucmajor. Over here he has stored his entire products, his distillates, the traditional copper alembic, all the promotional material and of course many different gin’s and spirits.

Stefan explained his philosophy and this make all gins and spirits taste even better.

All gins Stefan made, are artisan and made from botanicals and local citrus from Mallorca. Stefan even squeeze them by him self. He explained us the process and shows us the juniper and botanic in the alcohol. Such a beautiful and pure product came out.

We tried all of them and as well some new spirits. Gin Eva old Tom Back was really special, this one is barrelled several months in old red wine barrels and have a totally different taste and colour. It’s a bit smokey and it tastes really smooth. This gin is perfect to make a special Negroni. All his gins and spirits are great and perfect for mixology and cocktails. Stefan even won some prices for his gins.

As well we tried Gin Eva fresh olive and this one was quiet surprising. This gin was botanical and aromatic. The olives are all hand picked and this is what makes you really feel in Mallorca. In all of the gins you can feel, taste and smell Mallorca.

Stefan likes to experiment, so do we, so he made us a few specials cocktails and so you can understand it was a longggg day. We fell in love with the passion and craftsmanship of Stefan and get us really inspired of using his gins in our restaurants. Thanks for everything and we looking forward to see you soon again.

Björn van der Toorn Manager Restaurant Diferent

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