Mallorca shot on film

This post is all about the moment. We gave our staff photographer the challenge to spend one week with one cheap vintage point and shoot camera with only one roll of Kodak 200 film. This is where he came up with. Mallorca through the eyes of a photographer grown up with digital that never shot film before.

“This week was so interesting, with only 36 pictures on one roll you get really conscious about what is important for you to shoot and what not. I tried to capture the Mallorca and Mediterranean layback lifestyle with most of the pictures either mountain or Mediterranean Sea related. Looking back at the pictures they give me so much memories back way more than normal digital images. Ever since this challenge I grab my 35mm way more often.”

We would like to challenge and inspire you as well to grab an old film camera and shoot a few days just with that camera. Send us the images and your story to

Picture credit: Swen de Kam
Insta @swen_exposure