We don’t dump trash where you live!

We don’t dump trash where you live!

Safe.Our.Sea. La Santa Maria is a Team with Passionated Divers, Free Divers, Surfers and overal Ocean Lovers. Based in Mallorca.
This group organise beach clean ups in the area around Cala D’or but also Cala Mondrago and so on. As our restaurants we tried to help and sponsor them. Our staff we always ask to help if they do not have to work ofcorse, so it also feels like it is ours to.
What feeling is better then helping the world from their polution and also make other people enthousiastic.
For a lot of us the beach is our happy place, were you always have a feeling of freedom. It is the place to soak up the sun and have fun in the water, or take long beach walks.

Naturally we feel like we have to be protective of our beaches. It is shocking that people mistreat these beaches and totally do not care about it. We have to wake up people to show them how important it is. Look our fragile ecosystem, allot of damage is already their.

Before the beach clean up starts we have to ask the local government if it is alright so we do not get problems.
So how you start a beach clean up. Pick a date, best early in the morning or later on the day when it is not so busy and the times that it is possible that people have time to help. Also time is important when it is low tide , this is the time that a lot of trash will expose it self.
Build your group , reach out for people who are beach minded, meet like minded people and the people at your environment. Most of the people who help us, are working in our restaurants. So we give back to the world.

Spread the word , contact the government and local group facebook or people who frequently go the beaches. Use your local networks and social media. Get your gear, we sponsor this from the restaurants. Think about gloves, shovels, trashbags and name it. Do not forget to make the volunteers happy. Think about snacks, drinks, sunscreen and ofcorse al lot of fun.
Check your logistics. How you gonna move the people to the beach clean up, try to do not use cars. The beach we make in sections so different groups do not go all the time in the same area. Do not forget were to bring the trash after.

Fun is one of the main things, bring music, invite local media and try to have a price fort he one who collects the most trash.
Share the event and succes to make more people awake and motivated to do same as we do. Thank all the people who helped and share your story on your social media. Tried also to reach the local papers so this is gonna happen every week for example.

Keep the ocean alive, help and we are looking to meet you as soon as possible.

Nick Nannings
Co-owner Mallorcawork

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